About Me


I have an unshakable belief in the unlimited capacity for peoples' ability to heal and improve. This informs my practice as a psychotherapist, life coach and trainer.

I developed a revolutionary new approach that seamlessly integrates ancient philosophy and cutting edge psychology. I'm a pluralistic practitioner. This means I can use my own approach or a variety of other approaches to assist you on your journey. As a therapist, I will work with you towards restoration and promote psychological well-being and growth. As a life coach, I will facilitate the transformation from the current you to the ideal you, you aspire to be. In both cases, this means helping you to access the necessary inner resources to experience a greater sense of free will and a higher sense of achievement and fulfillment.


I developed a stutter as a child that formed a core part of my personality. I became interested in philosophy and psychology in 1991 and became an avid reader of books in those fields. I thought about becoming a therapist but felt my speech would be too much of an impediment so pursued office jobs and worked for a local authority for over two decades. I stumbled across the growth mindset idea by discovering my own but realised I still maintained a fixed mindset about my career and my speech. I reconsidered training as a therapist and coach when I no longer saw my stutter as an obstacle. 

I'm now a Counselling Psychotherapist, Certified Mindset Coach, Trainer, Clinical Supervisor and author. I also received the CREA Global Award of Brainz magazine in 2021.


I've had an interest in reading and writing since I was in secondary school. I've several fictional novels, several short stories and a screenplay and a non-fiction book that explains the theoretical approach I developed. I'm a fan of film and am guilty of occasionally binge-watching the odd boxset. 


Level 5 Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Clinical Supervision Including Online and Telephone Working

Level 4 Diploma in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy

Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Level 4 Diploma in Counselling Skills & Theory

Level 2 Practitioner of Applied Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT - tapping)

Certificate in Dialetical Behaviour Therapy

Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Counselling

Certificate in End of Life Care

Certified Mindset Coach

Certified NLP Coach Practitioner


Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy

Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society

Registrant Member of the National Hypnotherapy Society

Member of International Coaching Federation