Coaching Packages

The Generative Mindset

In the 1980's, psychologist Dr Carol Dweck, discovered that children could be encouraged to have one of two mindsets, a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. She conducted experiments that indicated that children with a growth mindset consistently out-performed their fixed mindset peers. This is due to children with fixed mindset withdrawing from tasks when they perceived failure instead of persisting in the face of challenges or obstacles like the growth mindset group.  

This research demonstrated that you are much more likely to achieve your full potential if you have a growth mindset and you're less likely to achieve your full potential if you have a fixed mindset. The Generative Mindset packages develops a growth mindset within the context of other philosophical and psychological ideas. 

This is a 12 week program.

Emotions Mastery

This is a coaching and mentoring program that starts by asking you to think back to certain times where you demonstrated control of your emotions. After acknowledging this control, you will be invited to question your view of conventional theories for the existence of emotions. By recalling certain experiences, it is possible to disprove most theories instantly, or at least weaken conviction in them. We will continue to investigate a more sensible theory that has increased control at its core.  Together we will nurture a mindset of emotional mastery. 

This is an 8 week program.

The Inner Circle Package

This combines conventional coaching with mentoring. I can help you achieve a number of goals while going through a syllabus that teaches you the fundamentals of coaching so that you can work on yourself to achieve other goals in the future. This includes feedback, questioning, goal-setting, obstacles, NLP language patterns and others to build a comprehensive coaching package. 

This is a 10 week program. 

The Gold or Platinum Package

The Gold Package combines any two of the above. The Platinum Packages combines all three to give you an experience that will more than likely involve a complete mental and emotional overhaul. 

Become a better version of yourself after adopting a Generative Mindset, mastering your emotions and learning how to become your own coach so you're able to work with yourself to achieve the goals of your choosing in the future.